If an ACF add-on plugin is dropped, what would happen?

I’m using hard coded custom post types, but ACF to manage field groups.

There is a visual ACF Limiter plugin that shows a progress bar as you reach the word limit count on a text area. However, this plugin doesn’t add the feature to the existing ACF text area field, but adds another field type called “Limiter.” [Limiter Plugin][1]

My question: if the author of this plugin decided to do away with it, would I be screwed or could I migrate database data into the normal text area ACF field? I’m planning on creating a lot of pages with this field, and don’t want to have to manually redo things later.


Well I received a response from the author, and tested what he said and he was spot on:

ACF Limiter Plugin Change

This really doesn’t seem like something specific to Roots, but I can weigh in since I use ACF quite a bit as well.

It is nice that CPT’s and custom fields stay in the database, so if your theme or a plugin explodes, you just need to refer to the correct areas in the DB again and all your data should be fine. So it’s generally pretty safe to use.

Glad you worked it out though :slight_smile: