I'm demoing Roots at a WordPress Meetup tonight in LA!

Hello Roots community. I have been using Roots since 2011 exclusively for the sites that I build and am forever grateful for what Ben and company have created. I have been invited to speak at a WordPress Meetup to spread the good word about Roots, how I use it and why I love it. If you are in the Los Angeles area and love WP + Roots, please stop by. Thanks!


I used to live in Topanga but am in downtown LA now and took the bus to work. So I couldn’t get out to Topanga tonight. This would have been a great session for me to attend. If you plan on holding it again or have some resources material please let me know. Would love to learn more.


I will be doing more Roots demos per the feedback I received from my talk. In addition, I am submitting my talk to WordCamp L.A. The organizers said they would put in a good word for me as they appreciated my talk on Roots! I will keep you posted. Thanks!

I’ve also thought about doing a Roots talk at a WC, but I will admit as an organizer of this year’s WordCamp Asheville, we didn’t pick a framework-specific talk because it wasn’t as general or broad as the other developer track submissions. I wish you luck though! Please let me know how it goes because I’d love to be able to submit one to a local WC or talk about it next year…

@JulienMelissas I just got accepted to speak about Roots at WordCamp LAX 2014: http://2014.la.wordcamp.org/beginner-workshop-speakers-announced/. I think people will love Roots especially if it is broken down step-by-step.

Hell yeah @shaimoom! Make sure they get good videos and put them up on WordPress.tv - I’d love to see it.

Recently I’ve gotten a few developers using Roots and they’re loving it (of course)…