Image Minification

What is everyone using for image minification in Sage 10 when compiling assets?

So this is my own, current workflow, it may not be ideal for other developers or projects:
For theme-specific raster images it can be indeed worthwhile to optimize each image (even for different resolutions and formats) manually – Squoosh being a very useful tool for this. Sadly CLI support in Squoosh is on hold currently, but I would not only save the optimized file from Squoosh, but also copy the CLI command so I can re-run the optimizations in case the original image is (slightly) modified.

Even vector graphics can be significantly reduced in size (I try to use vector wherever possible), when manually tweaking the optimizations (using SVGOMG).

Ideally, the optimization options would be easily transferred into a config/task file and then re-played at each build, but in practice the support for CLI is not perfect and processing can take quite some time – especially for formats like AVIF. A tool for this would be awesome.

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