Implement strip-json-comments in sage

I want to add comments in my json files in sage, and I don’ t really know how to implement it.
On strip-json-comments npm page it says :


$ npm install --save-dev gulp-strip-json-comments


var gulp = require('gulp');
var stripJsonComments = require('gulp-strip-json-comments');
gulp.task('default', function () {
	return gulp.src('src/config.json')

But sage gulpfile is not so easy to a beginner.

// See
var manifest = require('asset-builder')('./assets/manifest.json');
// ### JSHint
// `gulp jshint` - Lints configuration JSON and project JS.
gulp.task('jshint', function() {
  return gulp.src([
    'bower.json', 'gulpfile.js'
    .pipe(gulpif(enabled.failJSHint, jshint.reporter('fail')));

How can I modify this to strip comments ?

What have you tried?

Here you go for manifest.json, I am quite new to gulp/node, don’t laugh:

var manifest = require('asset-builder')()

TypeError: Path must be a string. Received undefined

var manifestFile = stripJsonComments('./assets/manifest.json');
var manifest = require('asset-builder')(manifestFile);

This one too

var manifest = gulp.src('./assets/manifest.json')

same, here again.
I don’t know how to give a path with stripped ou comments to asset-builder without writing a temporary file…
Do we have to hack assets-builder for that ?

For bower.json it works with multi-line comments /**/ out of the box, no need for strip-json-comments. (Don’t know where is it implemented).
Thanks for the lesson @cfx

So you want to put comments in your manifest.json file? And strip them out before we load/use the file?

I don’t think it’s possible :frowning:. asset-building takes the path to a manifest file and doesn’t support a JSON string.

Maybe @austin can update asset-builder to be more flexible or you’d have to fork it to support it yourself.

edit: if you wanted to fork and update, you’d just need to update this:


var stripJsonComments = require('strip-json-comments');

return JSON.parse(stripJsonComments(fs.readFileSync(p.normalize(path), 'utf8')))
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Thank you very much @swalkinshaw , I could do it following your instructions
Had forked @austin 's asset-builder
Then edited package.json of sage theme and remplaced version like this :
"asset-builder": "",
then :
npm install

And everything worked.
Thanks again for your help.

Made a pull request, maybe @austin will want to merge it :

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