In production my assets are pointing to //app/themes/my_theme/assets/

instead of just one slash, they have two… and it’s messing it up.

How can I fix this… and fast!
The site is down :-/

.htaccess is saving just fine, and it’s loading… but assets are pointing incorrectly.

Oh, changed my domain name too.
But I changed it in .env file too and it shows correctly.

If I go to the old domain name, it loads my assets at the NEW domain name just fine.

If I go to the new domain name, it doens’t show the new domain name in the css link tag it just shows // instead.

Do the urls in your production env file contain trailing slashes? If so, remove them.

I just figured it out before I saw this. Thank you sooo much for the quick response.
We’re good to go!