Inheriting Sage Site from another developer

HI all, I am new to Sage via gulp and Bower though have developed other root based themes in the past.

I have inherited a site based on Sage from another developer that the client fell out with and am a bit of a loss as when I install gulp and bower, there are no existing asset files to be found on the existing file server.

Do I need to obtain these from the existing developer or is there a way to recover these?

thanks for the assistance

You’re best off obtaining them from the existing developer if there’s no asset folder.

To be clear:

In the theme folder is there a “dist” folder? Is there an “assets” folder that looks like ?

Thanks for the replies. There is a dist folder but no assets folder.

this is the file and folder list

Not sure why there is no assets folder. It’s true they’re not needed on the server, but… sounds like you need to contact the original developer.

Yep. The previous developer removed the source assets from the remote server. You’ll def need to talk with him to get them. Good luck!