Install issues: missing gulpfile and bower.json

Hi there,

Am in the process of installing the newest version of Sage (version 9) but have hit a couple of stumbling blocks.

I’m following the instructions on this page:

When running bower install I get the following response:
ENOENT No bower.json present

Gulp installs fine but there is no gulpfile so I can’t run the tasks. I get the error:
No gulpfile found

Would love any pointers. Cheers!

(I hope this issue isn’t covered elsewhere. I found another post about a missing gulpfile but there was no solution specified other than to try v8, however this was some 5 months ago now.)

Did you follow the instructions here to set up Sage, or did you follow instructions from Github or simply clone from Github?

Version 8.5.0 (which you’ll get if you follow the above-linked instructions) uses bower, but version 9 (which you’ll get from Github) does not and uses yarn instead.

Here are the equivalent docs for Sage 9:

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Ah, now I see. I was following the install instructions for 8 but had pulled the latest version from github. Thanks!

A bit off the topic of this post, but I get the impression that 9 isn’t ready for production sites, is that right?