Install wordpress, Roots, "Grunt" and start Grunt, in less 2 minutes!

I added a new script, install, configure Grunt and start it:

Try it, I need some feedback:


How I can set up in the Gruntgfile.js the parameter:
livereload: true
for this script bash ?


I added, the posts creations, it’s limits at 100 maximum!

#create post: 1 to 100

 read -rp "You want some post by default (100 maximum): " post
if [[ $post = *[!0-9]* ]]; then  # if post contains any non-digits
    printf >&2 'Invalid input\n'
elif (( post < 0 || post > 100 )); then
    printf >&2 '%d is out of range (0-100)\n' "$post"
    #printf 'Creating post %d\n' "$post"
    curl | wp post generate --post_content --count=$post

But, most important I stay under 2 min.