Installing jquery-visible plugin with bower


i am trying to install this jquery plugin to my theme.

installed with bower install --save jquery-visible and i see the changes in bower.json:

 "dependencies": {
    "modernizr": "2.8.2",
    "jquery": "1.11.2",
    "bootstrap-sass-official": "3.3.4",
    "jquery-visible": "~1.1.0"

but when i build the site, nothing from this plugin gets added to my site. jQuery(…).visible is not a function

i watched the screencast (where awesomefont gets added) and it doesn’t seem or say that any other steps are necessary, what am i missing?

read the forum and also tried to manually add

"jquery-visible": {
      "bower": ["jquery-visible"]

in the manifest.json. tried “jquery-visible” and “jquery.visible.js”… not working.

Have You tried to use bower overrides to get wiredep working with it?

if i understand you correctly, than it’s to try to add this, right?

"overrides": {
     "jquery-visible": {
      "main": "./jquery.visible.js"

inthe bower.json file (where modernizr and bootstrap-sass-official is per default.

tried that, but .visible() is still not a known function after building.

The problem is with the package.

That is version 1.1.0. You will notice it does not have a bower.json.

@Manuel_Fritsch is correct, you need to use the overrides

Long term solution: fix the package. Push the author to update the package:

The package maintainer updated it.