Installing NVM in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - SH or BASH?

I have been reading about installing NVM on an Ubuntu server, and found a post in the Digital Ocean forum.

The part I am referring to is listed under the title:

How To Install Using NVM

It states that to install NVM, use the following command:

curl | sh

If I look at the actual NVM repository though, their curl instruction is almost identical, but not quite:

curl | bash

I’m confused as to why the tut references “sh”, while the NVM repository itself references “bash”.

Found this discussion on Stack Overflow

In particular:

Some popular examples of systems where /bin/sh does not point to /bin/bash (and on some of which /bin/bash may not even exist) are:

Modern Debian and Ubuntu systems, which symlink sh to dash by default;

So it seems it does matter, I’m just not sure if it matters in this particular case.

I’m diving in again now anyway, and I will use the BASH command since this is what appears to be coming from the horse’s mouth, but I am very curious to know if there is actually a difference, especially with regards to"Modern Debian and Ubuntu systems"?

Well, I’m still curious about this, but I used bash since this is what is referenced on the NVM repository.

If anyone knows the difference, as mentioned before, please let me know.