Installing TinyMCE through bower/wiredep?

I’m wondering if anyone has managed to install TinyMCE through bower/wiredep?

I’m having some problems as the main js script pulls in additional scripts at run time. I’m not sure if it is possible through manifest.json and project bower.json to compile multiple files from the same bower package.


Hi, I am facing the same issue, did you found a solution ?

Unfortunately not, I ended up loading the package separately.

I have the same issue I was using chosen select through bower and wanted it inject to two seperate files its .js is getting injected without any issue just the stylesheets not getting injected into SCSS files. The problem was the main files are using .css and wiredup will not inject .css into .scss files

I don’t see a bower file in Choosen repo (

Not sure if you are pulling it in from another source, but if there’s an scss file in the package you could do overrides in your projects bower.json

Look for documentation/posts on bower overrides.

That is not the repo for package this is it