Integrating grunticon into gulpfile.js

I’d like to use Grunticon – a very nifty little package that injects inline svg (in order to enable svg css-styling) or provides a png fallback, depending on browser on my current project. As I see it, I have two options;

  1. I use grunt-gulp to run 1 grunt-task only, i.e. grunticon.
  2. I use their stand-alone project grunticon-lib, which is in beta at the moment and add it to the regular gulp-file using something like this: Task for using Grunticon with Gulp thanks to grunticon-lib. · GitHub. However, my present gulp skills prevents me from being able to integrate the code in this gist into the eliteness that is the sage gulpfile.

What do you think of option 1? Does anyone have the gulp skills required to help me out with integrating the gist in option two into the sage gulp file?

Have you checked out: ?

Checkout Gulpicon…

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Ah, they finally released a native wrapper for gulp! Thanks!

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