Is Austin really that young? I'm really having trouble putting his voice to his face!

Apologies guys, really not a relevant post - please delete if necessary!

Have been listening to all your podcasts as always. I’ve become such a Roots fanboi it’s probably suspect (having moved from the urgh .Net/MS world 3 years ago after working in Finance in London since I finished Uni).

Basically as a Limey everyone else’s accent is pretty similar (excluding the Southern Brit) - but the rest of the Roots team look my age - late 20s, early 30s - all normal

Yet I’ve been imagining Austin with his Texan accent as some cowboy probably in his 40s - yet from his LinkedIn it looks like he started high school when I was already in university!

Apologies for this irrelevant post but I’ve basically taken to searching youtube for any clip of him speaking just so on the next podcast I can concentrate not just try and sync his voice up in my head.

Dan a.k.a The Brit that has never heard a US Southerner under 30 speak!


I think Austin has a rare disease where he grew into a man overnight. We’re all adjusting to the deep voice still


Yep I’m 22!

I’m flattered that you think I am cowboy. Coincidentally I am wearing a jean jacket and jeans right now.


Hey Dan - another Brit here!

Are you still in London? If so where abouts?

Yeah, @austin and I are the same age - but I had no idea at first, thought he was a lot older!

I’m online speaking, but my voice is nasally and I’ll probably just sound like a guy with a cold forever :wink:

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Hey Dan - another Brit here!

Are you still in London? If so where abouts?

Same here – London based, Old Street :smile:

We should think about a Roots meetup!

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Roots Conf London 2015

Dooo itttt

I’m game… lets see if the others bite!

I’ll be able to come to London too for the meetup (from Notts)! :smile:

That’s 2 hours or so for you, right?

Would you drive or take the train?!

Train probably, but would need to check prices as they do get 90£ + somedays :confused:

Maybe do a Roots Conference with some lecture and i can push it on my employer :smiley:

But yeah it depends from the date we want to have this a bit.

Well it’s good that this thread seems to have started a Roots Conf LDN, but unfortunately I think I’m further away from matching Austin’s voice to his face!!

Re my whereabouts - afraid I’ve not left the Americas for a few years now!
Went off backpacking a few years, now I do the travelling Nomad thing which is what got me into Wordpress + Roots in the first place!

LOLOLOLOLOL at this entire thread.

Also, @austin is pretty tall too. We can all meet in DC @ PHP World. If anyone is going, Roots will be a topic of discussion.

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YOUR topic?

Amongst others, I’m sure. I have to evangelize!!!

Bedrock always comes up in multiple talks at PHP World, btw - it’s very WP centric.