Is it easy to restore from backup on wordpress?

Really apologize but I am no professional developer. I have been designing wordpress sites for a few years but never worked with Roots and am still trying to learn what it is.

I just took over a website from a previous company that we had a falling out with. It is . The server overloaded and the site crashed. I tried to restore from backup by restoring all of the files and restoring what I thought was the wp database.

Again, forgive me I really have no idea what bedrock is and I only know that the developers before me used bedrock to create this site. Am I missing a step in getting this site restored? Do I need to do some coding or deployment? I really don’t even know what that would be. Or is there a company I can hire to help restore this site? Thanks so much.

As far as I know, the best choice is to get access to the bedrock git repo and restore the project from it. But I’m not a developer. Maybe someone else can help you better.

I think you need:

  1. setup trellis
  2. pull bedrock project from git repo
  3. build with gulp
  4. deploy it
  5. restore database from backup
  6. restore media files from backup