Is Sage 9 still supported?

Hi all,

I built a site in 2018 with Sage 9 and I now find myself rebuilding said site. I know Sage is only a starter theme so you can in theory do what you want, but is Sage 9 still supported?

I know there’s workarounds to get it to play nice with PHP 8 but given we’re in 2023 do you guys think it makes sense just to use Sage 10?

Most of the migration headaches were my own fault anyway as I added things like functions and custom post types in the theme itself.

So in summary is anyone still actively using Sage 9 or should I just move to 10?


Lots of updates were applied on Sage 9 branch, see this update guide:

Updating an existing Sage 9 theme (quick guide)

  1. Create a new Sage 9 project from Sage 9 branch (latest commit),
    select the framework that is also used by your own Sage 9 project:
    composer create-project roots/sage your-theme-name dev-9.x
  2. (It is assumed that your own Sage project is already under version control (as git).
    Copy all the files of the newly created, empty Sage 9 project over the ones of your own Sage 9 project,
    overwrite everything. You can skip the vendor/ folder to speed things up slightly.
  3. Use diff/merge tools to resolve any differences, apply your own configuration and adjust it if necessary. Updating to webpack 4 and 5 requires surprisingly little configuration changes.
  4. Invoke composer update or, if there is trouble, remove the composer.lock file (it shouldn’t cause issues most of the time) and invoke composer install.
  5. Invoke npm install, or, if there is trouble, remove the package-lock.json and/or yarn.lock (it shouldn’t cause issues as the base dependencies are already maxed out) and invoke npm install.
    Also note that recent npm is much faster than in the earlier days, so you may want to switch back to npm, but this is up to you.
  6. Invoke npm run build, the theme should build fine, fix your re-applied configuration if otherwise.
  7. Test your theme, styles and images should load as before.
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