Is there a download of the last official (7.x.x) release of the original Roots? Stuck with PHP 5.3

Subject pretty much explains it- for not so great reasons, we can’t update our server to 5.4 now (which Sage requires), and I need to begin development on a Wordpress site. Our agency has been using Roots with great success for about 2.5 years now, and while my plan is to move to Sage ASAP, that won’t be until we either upgrade or get a new server.

I found the last release of Roots on git, and I assume this would work, but figured I post here just in case I was mistaken (and to hopefully help other devs in this situation).


The releases are on GitHub are what you want, so you’re correct :smile:

If you need 7.x docs, see this thread: Documentation for pre-sage starter theme?