Issue with navigation and child menu items not showing up

just started working with roots for my site , some of the items in the top navigation as child elements but when i mouse over or click on the small icon on beside the item the child items should be popping out but its not happening.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

You’ve commented out the footer which includes this: <script type='text/javascript' src='/wp-content/themes/roots-master/assets/js/scripts.min.js?ver=01d073428e4e54f227f8a0a3bad4b804'></script>

That contains all the Bootstrap JS plugins so the dropdown plugin isn’t even being loaded.

Unrelated: you’re also loading a few JS files before Modernizr. It should be the first one.

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Thanks mate uncommenting the js file resolved my issue.
the JS files loading before Modernizr are the JS files are related to some of the custom plugins i am using. how can i make Modernizr to load first?