Issue with plugin on Deployment because it requires 'update-core' privilege

I’m trying to use the Codeguard plugin but can’t actually see it once activated because it requires the ‘update-core’ privilege. I’m guessing that’s disabled by Trellis/Bedrock.

Any idea of a workaround?

Update this


I’ve tried this, committed it to the repo, provisioned and deployed the server. No change… is there a way to test the setting is changed and it’s not just an issue with the video?

Yes. If you look up DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT and what it does, you’ll find:

This will block users being able to use the plugin and theme installation/update functionality from the WordPress admin area. Setting this constant also disables the Plugin and Theme editor

You should expect to see plugin/theme installation available in the admin.

Now I feel silly. I’ve changed the line in that file to false. Deployed to Github (and checked it’s there), re-provisioned and re-deployed the server. And I still don’t get an option to add plugins/themes. What could I be missing?