Issues with varying user's system configurations: "works on my machine" problem

So, we are having a large amount of issues with various users trying to spin up the dev environment on their local machine. Varying local configurations and versions of the tooling cause difficulty every-time a new team member is brought in. Furthermore, even existing team members have issues from time to time due to various updates.

One thought I had was to put all of the tooling necessary to provision the VM in a docker container and provisioning the VM from inside the docker container who’s tooling would stay consistent. Has anyone tried anything like this? If not, what are some ways others are solving the “works on my machine” problem?

Please let me know if there are any questions regarding anything.

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One more thing: I have seen people in the forum say they’ve dockerized their entire dev and prod environments. My main aversion to going this route is that trellis does not support running the environment in docker and my fear is that getting too far away from trellis will cause more problems than it solves.

What are the exact issues that you’re running into?