Ithemes DisplayBuddy plugins don't work

Hi there,
I’m encountering an issue with DisplayBuddy plugins by Ithemes.
In the dashboard panel they don’t show any images and links are not working.

About the image in the screenshot, the correct path should be:

instead of:

I submitted a request to their support and for now this is their reply:

I can tell you this is not an issue with our software. As we use the wordpress add_submenu_page function to add the image to the dashboard menu, so wordpress handles all of this. Did you try enabling wp_debug in your wp-config file to see if any errors popup on the page? I have tried replicating but to no avail. I do see an undefined for the toggle_slideshow_group. But that does not have to do with this at all. When you hover over the img tag for the menu image does it say it is a 404? Or does it say its not found? Because it looks like the correct path. Is the path to the image match that of your server? We use abspath to get the url to the image which is a standard php practice.

Can anyone please help me troubleshoot this? Thanks.

Two things:

  1. This is obviously a problem with their plugin, not anything to do with Roots projects.
  2. Did you do what they said and turn on WP_DEBUG and see what errors show up?

It’s sort of funny they say they use ABSPATH to get the URL, which is a standard PHP practice. It most certainly is not, it’s a WP constant.

Hi Kalenjohnson,
Point 1, I’m totally agree with you.
Point 2, yes of course, I set wp_debug true in development environment and I didn’t get any error.
What surprises me is that Ithemes is a professional company who makes great plugins like Exchange and Security Pro that work perfectly.
DisplayBuddy plugins only seem to be affected by this bug.
It’s clear therefore it’s up to them to solve this problem.
Thanks for your help.