JS files cause 500 errors on live environment

You’re going to have to go easy on me here, I’m massively out of my depth with all this development business (I’m actually designer) and I’m surprised I’ve made it this far…

My setup seems to work fine locally but on my live server (http://bristol.hivehq.co/collection/cocktails/) all the JS files throw back a 500 error, and I literally have no clue why.

I spent yesterday evening and this morning moving to a managed host thinking that it was because of some incorrect configuration on DigitalOcean (which I also have no clue about) only to find that it still does the same thing on the new server.

I’m guessing this means I’m doing something wrong within the theme?

What do the error logs say?

It’s definitely odd that this happened on two servers, but those JS files are just static files coming from your web server. At that point it has nothing to do with Sage/any WP theme or even WP itself.

Maybe a .htaccess file problem?

I’m kindof in the same boat. Except I’m only getting a 500 Internal Server error on wp-admin/** pages I can see the front-end, but not the back-end :confused: I have no idea where to start debugging this problem. Everything is fine in development, it’s only an issue in production. I’m not sure if @daleanthony’s issues cropped up after a deploy, but mine did.

Any ideas on how to debug?