JsonManifest not using versioned files

Hey there folks!

I’m not using the Sage theme, but I am using all the other gulp tools that come with it.

I’m using a parent and child theme, and have made the changes in lib/assets.php to use get_stylesheet_directory_uri() instead of get_template_directory_uri().

It’s correctly finding the path for my dist folder, however, it’s not using the files that gulp created.

assets.json shows

  "main.css": "main-bb2f8a7f.css",
  "editor-style.css": "editor-style-213f95bb.css",
  "main.js": "main-ab50f2f5.js",
  "modernizr.js": "modernizr-45f0e1f4.js"

The issue I’m having is that assets.php is trying to load the main.css, editor-style.css, main.js, and modernizer.js and not the versioned versions of it.

What am I doing incorrect?

Post your assets.php. I’m guessing it’s not reading the manifest at all.