Just another Browser Sync question

Hi, my test server is going through VVV and have the latest version of Sage installed.

My local test url is: testingdev.dev

When i run gulp watch i get:
proxying: http://localhost:3000

Accessing browser sync UI through localhost:3001 works fine. Although it says i’m not connected to any browsers.

I’ve tried adding numerous combinations of my local url in manifest.json but nothing seems to work.

Any help would be much appreciated.

many thanks :smile:

Can you post your manifest.json file?
Are you running gulp watch locally on your computer or in your vagrant box?

Hi, thanks so much for the reply.

i’m running gulp watch locally.

I have pic of manifest.json below. I’ve tried many combinations but i started with the VVV pretty url only so i’ll post that:

Ok, so i booted everything up this morning and it seems to be working with the original testingdev.dev that i tried in manifest .json

When running gulp watch last night, it automatically opened a new tab at localhost:3000 but it always timed out. But now its working.

If anyone else is having the same problem just shut down the VM and rerun gulp watch and see if it solves the problem.