Keeping Core and Plugins up to date on Bedrock

I’m slowly transitioning all of the existing WordPress sites that the agency I develop for has over to Bedrock. Within a year, I could easily have 30+ sites on Bedrock.

Is there a recommended/best practice for keeping core and plugins up to date when you’re dealing with a large number of sites? I can see a lot of time spent updating composer.json on lots of different repos quite often. I’m curious to know how others are handling this, as I’m sure it’s something that other people have certainly figured out.

I haven’t personally done this, but you could create a script that would update a single plugin to a specific version across the 30+ Git repositories.

Something like ./update-package wordpress/wordpress 4.5.1 and it would clone/pull the 30 repos, run the composer command, commit the updates and push.