Language files and folders

Im using Sage 9, latest release.

Im trying to add this simple function in my setup.php
add_action(‘after_setup_theme’, function (){
load_theme_textdomain(‘ao_text_domain’, get_template_directory() . ‘/languages/’);

The problem is that get_template_directory() are not giving me the base theme folder, but adding /templates.
This is kinda strange, becase when I use the same function in the blade templates, i get the expected base directory.

Some help here would be appreciated.

  1. Shold I put my languange files in sage/languages/ or do have some custom structure for Sage 9?
  2. How do I load language file in the correct way, and should I do it from setup.php?
  3. Why are my get_template_directory() giving me different result if I use in in setup.php or a blade template file?

Did you find some answers in the meantime? Also wondering what would be the best way…