Laravel support for Trellis

Hey Chaps,

Last night I heard about this PR via the Roots community slack.

I just wanted to say that the prospect of Laravel being supported in vanilla Trellis is very exciting.

I’ve been learning Laravel over the last few months and coming from Roots has given me a huge head-start.

After experimenting with a few tools from Laravel land (like Forge) I came to the conclusion that nothing comes close to the power and flexibility of Trellis.

With Sage 9 adopting blade and mix, plus Laravel projects like Corcel, I think it’s clear that there is an exciting synergy developing between WordPress and Laravel. If Trellis supported Laravel out of the box, I think it would be adopted widely by the Laravel community.


Agreed, and of course it opens a window for utilizing artisan commands as well which can be custom built to handle specific blog needs. This isn’t particularly specific to Sage itself but good for environment based handling through the CLI.


Yes, I know you can just use WP-CLI but this fits the topic of a streamlined Laravel integration.