Layouts vs partials?

So in Sage 9 alpha, from the templates directory (PHP side) things like the header/footer/sidebar etc. are considered “partials” and base is the only “layout”. From the styles directorty (SASS side) they are considered “layouts”. I think it is a little confusing the way it is currently organized. Are there any plans to reconcile these terms in a way that there is a more 1-1 mapping of styles to their templates? I started moving stuff around in my latest project but I am hesitant to continue doing so as it will cause headaches when merging from upstream later.

Just curious if anyone else has thoughts on this.

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If we really want to be with the cool crowd the partials would be changed to components and the CSS directory structure could be updated to be whatever made the most sense.

I think using the term components best encompasses the chunk of code, be it CSS or PHP or JS, you’re working with into one atomic unit.

Given there is only one base currently, imo the best term to encompass that would be something like wrapper.scss.

Hypothetical Heirarchy:

Wrapper contains layouts which contain components.

Setting up this kind of structure might also assist in the process of breaking up the CSS for multiple entry points in webpack’s build process ¯_(ツ)_/¯

My 2¢, love to hear additional thoughts :slight_smile: