Libcrypto error when deploying

I got the following error when deploying.

WARNING: Executing a script that is loading libcrypto in an unsafe way. This will fail in a future version of macOS. Set the LIBRESSL_REDIRECT_STUB_ABORT=1 in the environment to force this into an error.

The deploy was not successful.

Update: after updating my keychain with ssh-add -K I successfully deployed, but I still have the warning message about libcrypto.

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Can you provide more of your output? What task produces that warning?

What versions of Trelliis, Ansible, and macOS are you using?

I’ve been seeing this error since upgrading to Catalina. Things seem to work fine, but it shows this message anyway.

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Yes. Same here. It seems to be working, but does show that message.

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