Lighbox/image viewer that natively works with WordPress/Roots combo Gallery?

Anyone has any experience using Photo/Gallery image viewer (like lightbox/fancy) for their clients?

I think it should be doable to use javascript load maybe fancybox or lightbox to img tag, but I am not sure within my limited knowledge I would able to apply that to the default native Gallery that’s available right away with WordPress/Roots combo.

Appreciate any advice for any kind suggestion or experience on this. Right now I’m trying to figure things out by going through so I’ll share my findings and solution here later on.

Thanks guys!

You can use any of the lightboxes you want. They just add rel’s to the image links. There are plugins that will already do this for you, e.g,, etc.

If you’re trying to do this from scratch you’ll need to write a plugin similar to the ones above or you can try using jQuery:

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Hm why reinvent the wheel, I thought there’s one.

Thanks so much @matthewlyle that made my day!