Lima provision fails on ferm : ensure iptables INPUT rules are added


I’ve just got a new Macbook (M1) and am starting move my websites over to it.

I wanted to give Lima a try rather than Vagrant. I’ve got Trellis CLI installed, and moved the codebase over to my new computer. Running Trellis vm start seems to create a VM, but it fails on provisioning at the following:

TASK [ferm : ensure iptables INPUT rules are added] ****************************

System info:

Ansible 2.13.10; Darwin

Trellis version (per changelog): "Disable HSTS `includeSubdomains` by default"


invalid or malformed argument: ' '

fatal: [default]: FAILED! => {}

Any ideas on why this is?

Sorry, I’ve just updated Trellis and it seems to be working now.

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