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Another day, another Roots-stack Multisite install goes live :smiley:

I trialled using Subdirectories instead of Subdomains for this one and … it’s only a little less mucking around :smile: but the domain mapping plugin still works.

Favourite part of this one is that I only started development yesterday and it’s already up. I think first-timers might get scared off by Trellis etc from a time point of view, but stick with it and you work it all out pretty quickly.


Here’s a few recent projects we done based on Trellis, Sage, and Bedrock:

#322 using bedrock + Sage

There are a couple on deck to launch soon using Trellis + bedrock + sage. Wonderful tools. Thank you @benword and the roots team!


Here’s a few recent ones:


One of my more recent projects:



A few more

Developing and deploying is so easy with the roots stack. Again, thank you!


Hi all,

Just wanted to share the first project we completed with bedrock/sage with our team.

Thanks for the hard work!

Woocommerce with subscriptions
Sage (modified to work with Foundation 6)
Everything is deployed through Jenkins


Just shipped a video platform for the city of Hamburg in Germany using the roots stack. It was a great experience! More to come :slight_smile:


This kindergarten site has been developed using Sage: :smiley:


A foundation site built with Sage 8.


My multisite built with Sage 8


Brining Sage into the Fortune 500 with by

If you’e looking for new projects you’re welcome to drop me a line

Grateful to be a part of this community, for all of your contributions and to watch this movement grow!


My own portfolio (just a few works in there. I have to collect a lot of them yet):

Also, with a scroll animation dedicated to Roots development process:

Thank you to Roots developers for make it possible, seriously.


Hi all,

Here is some project I did with SAGE:


Two projects built with Sage :

Espace Art Actuel


Noticed just now about this post!
Several project with Sage here:

Sage 9a1
mine :slight_smile:

Sage 8


Yesterday I finished a new site for my company:

Trellis/Bedrock/Sage 9

I used Beaver Builder for the more complex layouts because my designer is… a designer.
I also used my own Complex Titles plugin for the page and “card” titles.

The design isn’t really polished yet, but we were on a deadline to get something launched. The major chunks are in place and it functions.

Thanks, Roots team!


What did you use for the Parallax effect? It seems quite smooth.


Isn’t it nice? I used this:


Portfolio site built with Trellis/Bedrock/Sage 8.5