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Bearing in mind I’m not the best developer in the world, Roots has allowed me to create something I can be proud of:

It’s pretty quick too, on relatively cheap/commodity hosting, but with W3TC and MaxCDN.

Unfortunately you have to revert to ugly URLs to get Minify working, and although Grunt does a great job of minifying LESS and JS, with plugins like BBPress, WooCommerce and Sabai Directory (Ok, and a few more), there’s a heap of other stuff that goes in. I’ve had to minify 40 + files in total!



Built with roots-sass:

more info: humans.txt


We just helped a client launch the 2.0 version of their site using Roots and WooCommerce. Thanks for having such great documentation! We’re very happy that Roots is supporting Smile Squared and their tremendous mission to donate toothbrushes to improve the dental health of children in need around the world.


Just launched the new Loved using Roots and will build on it again soon!


The Manse Nursery
Complete Aid Services
Banana Ink


I made this site a couple of months ago. It still needs some adjustments and is very simple compared to others posted here, but I am sharing it anyway:




Just finished my own website!



Just launched a couple more Roots-based sites. This brings the total to six. These two were both designed by Amy Williams, but as you can see the clients preferred very different styles: outdoor adventures, whitewater rafting garments for infants with medical issues


Hey yo here are a few sites I did with

Enjoy :smile:


A few more recent sites:


I have created a web app that does local digital marketing training using roots. It’s very appealing to the eye and I think it would look really good on your “Roots Themed Gallery”.



A couple of sites we’ve recently launched with Roots:


Robert L. Conconi Foundation

Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub & Guesthouses

PR Construction

Thanks to the team and contributors—this WordPress stack is very nice to work with.


Just FYI your sites look great @jesselcampbell ! Good work man.


I love using the Roots Theme with a Vagrant/Gulp setup! @kalenjohnson taught me a lot about utilizing local development to its fullest potential.

Here are some recent projects:

I have a few more to show, but I am waiting for the clients to push everything live.

Stay Tuned!


We use Roots theme for our latest project here:

really proud of it. many thanks to @benword


I use Roots on a website I’ve developed for the FIFA World Cup :slight_smile:


Discovery Kids:

Kin Community:

Workplace Solutions:

Centennial Legacy Campaign:

I’ve also used Roots to build my starter template for ProcessWire CMS (which I now prefer over WordPress).


A theme based in Roots!

Download here: