Local development on Windows

Can anyone point me in the right direction? This is so totally foreign to me that I don’t even understand what this means and can only guess. Any help is appreciated…

Thank you

Give us a question or something.

An example of local development on Windows 7?

Just install XAMPP or WAMP (that install Apache, MySQL, PHP and MyPHPAdmin) and you are good to go. Google instructions or watch video on YOUTUBE.

Install firefox addons
Firebug and webdevelopertoolbars

Except Roots rewrites don’t work if the Roots WordPress is in a subdirectory like XAMPP and I’m assuming WAMP encourage. So if you want to use rewrites you need something different like a VM based server.

Firebug is a must have too.

Rewrites works on XAMMP, I do not know for WAMP, I did not use it but think its somehow same. If I remember correctly if they do not work you can switch them in httpd.conf.

Rewrites work fine in subdirectory installations.

That wasn’t my experience. I spent a 3-day weekend trying to get rewrites to work on XAMPP with WordPress-Skeleton and eventually vanilla wp3.6. I finally set up an Apache vhost on my Linux box and tested with vanilla WordPress and roots in the document root and in a subdirectory. The subdirectory didn’t work. The document root install did.

I started to write a post about it, but when I saw that behavior on Linux Apache, decided subdirectory installs probably fell under multisite (rewrites don’t work on multisite per Roots 101).

Any clues about what I’m doing wrong would be appreciated. I’ve spent a while setting up and documenting a VM configuration but would happily go back to XAMPP if I could figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Are you sure you followed the steps for installing WP in a subdirectory?


I’ve done this on several installations and don’t have any issues with the rewrites

@anon73570552 Maybe I am missing something here. Developing a WordPress site using Roots template on windows? or developing roots itself?

For WordPress dev using Roots template on windows:
I am not running apache. IF you are running IIS go to php.iis.com and install php for iis. Once you have it up and running, you can dump WordPress right into a clean website locally. You will have to install grunt and node.js. That took all of 10 minutes. Follow the steps exactly on git to get roots going and you will be ready to use a local IDE to change files directly in the website. I am using NetBeans, but have used Visual Studio also. Oh, and I am using an offsite database on my hosting server, so I don’t have to run MySQL local. I even setup the livereload option in gruntfile.js and installed livereload in chrome, so I can make changes and not have to refresh the browser.