Localhost:3000 still showing 2017 theme after sage install

I followed the break fix tutorial verbatim and everything seemed to be fine to get sage installed with my new theme. But after running yarn, localhost:3000 shows the 2017 theme still. Any ideas? Apparently something went wrong somewhere.

Just to be sure, is your Sage-based theme marked as the active theme in the admin area?

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Couple of things. When I followed the tutorial, in the last step he ran “yarn start” and after it was done, it automatically opened his page which was essentially “theme-less”. Just the hello world and very basic.
Secondly, if I try to log in using the credentials in vault.yml and wordpress_sites.yml, it says the username and password are incorrect. I am assuming that to change the theme, I would need to be logged in. So, 2 issues. I did download the Sage pdf to read through, but following the video has twice failed me.

All yarn does is compile your assets (ie CSS, JavaScript, images) and start up BrowserSync; it won’t do anything to switch themes.

If you’re using Trellis, you can use vagrant ssh to log into your VM, and then use WP-CLI to switch your theme. You can can also use WP-CLI to change your password so you can log in.

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On top of that, the default Trellis development username/password is admin/admin.

Thanks. I understand that the initial configuration of trellis adds the admin_user in all/users.yml. And the development/vault.yml contains the password. I did read that you can add “admin_user” to the wordpress_sites.yml file, but that isn’t working. I was under the impression that my test environment could just be modified through these files. I just keep getting a password/username error in my test url.
I really just want to be able to see my theme as an option after login.
Maybe I am not understanding

These files instruct Ansible on how to set up your development environment, but simply changing the files won’t result in changes to your environment until you re-run the setup to apply those changes.

See the “setting up local server” section of the Trellis docs.

You could also simply run vagrant halt && vagrant up to deatroy and recreate your local environment with the changes you’ve made.

Hi there - thanks for taking the time to help. In the documentation you suggested, all of the “common” requirements are there in my wordpress_sites.yml file. There is a section in the documentation called “Development”. Do you suggest that I add those as well?

I’m suggesting that the documentation, if followed, can get you up and running. If the WordPress username and password that you set are not working it’s possible that you set them after creating your development environment. If so, then either try “admin/admin”, or destroy and recreate your environment and try the password you set.