London meetup?

Def Jan! And arriving at Pancras as coming from Notts :slight_smile:

Great, super easy to get here from Pancras.

This is awesome! Wish I could be there… maybe another time! Have fun, y’all. Please post some pics up afterwards :slight_smile:

I’m sure there’ll be more :slightly_smiling: Certainly let me know if you’re ever over here and we can arrange something! Pics for sure, got a new Canon 5D that’s just landed in the studio :wink:

Cheers for the Twitter promo!

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Guys - thanks so much for doing this while I’m in town. I can’t wait to meet all of you.

I have literally no idea where this is relative to where I’m staying, but I will be there!


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No problem! It’s great you can make it :slightly_smiling:

It’s a pretty easy journey from Bloomsbury or anywhere else central you may be that day.

If you don’t have the CityMapper app, then get it - I perhaps rely on it a bit too much, but it’s hard to get lost with it :slightly_smiling:

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OK, so we’re at 10 people now (including myself) which certainly means everything will be going ahead as planned on Weds 27 Jan :slightly_smiling:

Looking forward to it!


I will unfortunately be unable to make it next wednesday. Gutted. I hope I can join you next time. Will there perhaps be a mailing list for these events?

No problem but thanks for letting me know. I’m sure there will be a next time and a mailing list sounds like a great idea. I might put together a little microsite with a mailing list sign up following this meetup to keep everyone posted.

This is gonna be fun y’all!


Really looking forward to it.

I don’t really have a plan together for what we’re going to discuss but let’s just see where it goes :slightly_smiling:

Is this tonight?


Yup, are you London based? Come along!

I’ll not make it this eve, but really interested if you have another. Have a good night and maybe catch up ad hoc soon!

Hey all!

That was really fun last night! Thanks again to Carr Kamasa Design for hosting us. I sure did have a good time. (no idea how I’m up right now).

2 Things:

  • @nathobson, I know you took some pictures, would you mind pinging me with those? DM is fine, or email to works as well
  • Where did we go last night? There was a pretty cool pub at first, and then that crazy place we headed to afterwards - what was that spot called? Best old fashioned I’ve ever had, and I wanted to tell my flatmates about it. Mostly I want to know for record keeping sake :thumbsup:

Cheers! There were talks of you guys doing this again, I think that’s a great idea.

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Was a really nice evening! :slight_smile: Too bad i had to catch a train earlier, sounds like you had lots of fun. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for organising it Nat and for the beers!

Looking forward to the next one :thumbsup:

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Hi all - great to meet you all in person… And yes - thanks again Nat.

Anyone going to WP London Meetup tonight btw?? It’s after the REST conf, so might be a bit much to do both in 1 day…!

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Firstly, thanks for a great evening guys. It was great to meet link-minded people and hear everyone’s story.

I have no idea how you are up with the jetlag right now!

Just pulling them off the camera now, I’ll get them to you shortly.

The pub was Old Fountain and the bar was The Nightjar. Damn good Old Fashioned!

I think we should![quote=“darjanpanic, post:57, topic:5457”]
Too bad i had to catch a train earlier, sounds like you had lots of fun.

Fun and a bad head :confounded:

Great to meet you :slightly_smiling:

Not headed to WP London as unfortunately it’s bad timing tonight but it’s looking like a pretty great event.

Thanks for the links and everything Nat.

Yep, pretty sure I might be still be drunk. How does my head not hurt? I had to call an Uber actually because my phone was dying and I got tired of trying to walk all the way back to the Flat. Those were damn good Old Fashioneds!

If people don’t mind, could I put a name/username with a face once we post a picture up?