London meetup?

PM on it’s way :slightly_smiling:

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Any word on this guys? My buddy has volunteered a workspace he runs for us to use. It’s the Trampery on Old Street (Shoreditch) if that’s helpful?

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I’ve heard good things about the Trampery… I have a friend who works there too…

That could be great @Josh_Ellis

I met a guy who works there too and he said it’s a pretty good space. Would be up for checking it out!

Yeah sorry I was on this… and then not :slight_smile: (busy)

How about Thurs 12th May as a date?

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^^^ Same!

12th works for me. @Josh_Ellis think you could run some dates by your guy at The Trampery. If he gives the go-ahead I think we should open a new thread with fresh details.

Just throwing this out there but I’m currently paying for a subscription, I could make a Roots London meetup?

12th good for me too…

@paul_tibbetts - I think would be a great platform for this…

There’s a couple of us here that would like to go, although I’m not back in London until late May…

Made an executive decision and started a Doodle poll, currently with the last 3 Thursdays of May and the first one in June as options, if anyone wants extra dates adding just let me know:

Edit - removed the old poll now there’s a new one:

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Cool, I’ll run the dates @paul_tibbetts suggested in the doodle poll by my friend at the Trampery and get back to you guys as soon as I know. In the mean time it would be good if everyone could register the dates they can/can’t do in the doodle poll so we can get an idea of when would be best/who’s up for it.

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So it seems the guys at the Trampery keep fairly busy! First available date they can give me is Wednesday June 1st, how does that work for everyone?

I’ve created another doodle for this based on the dates the Trampery guys gave me, can you guys let me know what you can/can’t do so I can confirm with them please.

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Looks like June 1 is leading the way. Not too many replies but you snooze you lose :wink:

Yea looks like June 1st is a goer. Be good to get a few more people down, but it’s a good start. What was the format of the last one, did you guys present anything or have anything in particular you wanted to cover or was it just a casual chat?

Yeah I think we should just ‘start’ and gradually people will come.

Last time there was no format really, but still had very useful conversations. I think @nathobson was keen to get some sort of format… or perhaps lightening talks… ?

be up for coming, though would most likely have to arrive a bit later, say 8. or 8.30

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I’m sure that’ll be fine.

Cool, looking forward to this. Will you create a group for it?

Yea sure, I’ll create a group now…