Looking for someone to take over a Sage9 / Bedrock / Trellis project for a great client

Hi Guys, I’m about to have a baby, (!!!) and I need someone to help out on / take over this project that’s in process.
The client is based in Australia - I’m based in NYC, so being in Australia is certainly not a prerequisite for the job.
Pretty basic Sage 9(Beta 2) - Bedrock - Trellis site. Staging is already up, and about 3 of 6 page types are finished. I can give anyone interested more info.


Whats the job? My schedule just opened up for freelance work.

Congrats Zachary!

I’d be glad to help out if the work is still available. You can find more info about me at http://pascallaliberte.me, or email me at pascal at pascallaliberte.me

All the best to you three,