Mail setup with Digital Ocean

Hey guys, just want to start off by saying that roots/bedrock/trellis is an awesome set of tools. Thank you!

I’m guessing I’m not alone in wondering if someone would be so kind as to go over a quick how to and best practices for setting up mail services with Trellis and Digital Ocean.

Let me preface this by saying that I have read this:, and that I have successfully setup mailgun to forward mail through the ‘contact form 7’ plugin on a couple of my DO sites (following the roots-example-project). This was accomplished by using a mailgun plugin, and setting up mail addresses and routes in mailgun. This helped me get DO setup to work with mailgun:

What I’m missing is how to setup the server so that Wordpress can send password reset messages etc.? This is a necessary function for my clients and probably like many here I’m used to this just working automatically coming from using shared hosting. Any more help on this front is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I’m not sure what would be up with this. If you are using the Mailgun plugin and it’s all configured correctly, then that should be routing all email from WordPress through Mailgun, afaik

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