Main.css link broken on Sage 9 deploy

My Sage 9 dev environment works great but when I deploy to the production server the link to the main.css is broken.

I checked what the link structure looks like on the production server and it reads

but in the sage theme directory on the production server I don’t have a


directory. Is there a config I am missing to create this directory on the production server?

Apparently I didn’t search hard enough before I wrote this. The blow linked solved by problem:

Are you using Trellis? See

You need to run the build as part of your deployment process

I am but for some reason I omitted this part or it wasn’t in the file when I downloaded it.

- name: Copy project local files
       src: "{{ project_local_path }}/web/app/themes/sage/dist"
       dest: "{{ deploy_helper.new_release_path }}/web/app/themes/sage"
       group: no
       owner: no
       rsync_opts: --chmod=Du=rwx,--chmod=Dg=rx,--chmod=Do=rx,--chmod=Fu=rw,--chmod=Fg=r,--chmod=Fo=r

Once I dropped that in everything ran great and all my assets loaded fine.

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Is this the official process? To build locally and then just copy the files over

(Not using Trellis, but trying to get some Capistrano process to work)