$manifestPath dependency error with Blade Icons

I’m getting a new issue with blade icons. If I use in a template this the
directive, I get only a simple text like
if I try

{{ svg('icon') }}

I get this error message:

**Fatal error** : Uncaught Illuminate\Contracts\Container\BindingResolutionException: Unresolvable dependency resolving [Parameter #1 [ <required> string $manifestPath ]] in class BladeUI\Icons\IconsManifest"

if I try

<x-icon-arrow />

I get

**Fatal error** : Uncaught InvalidArgumentException: Unable to locate a class or view for component [icon-arrow]

What can I do?

My config is

'sets' => [
        'default' => [
            'path' => 'resources/images/icons', # Relative path to the new directory
            'prefix' => 'icon',

And I’m working on local but watching the results a remote server.
I already worked in this way on another project without problems.
The only difference is that now I’m not using bedrock.

What package are you using to add the @svg directive? If you’re on Sage 10 you should probably be using GitHub - Log1x/sage-svg: A simple package for using inline SVGs with Sage 10.