Media folder upload error

after I deployed my website using Bedrock+Sage+Trellis on a DO droplet with Ubuntu 18.04 everything works great. The only issue is when I try to upload any media or a featured Image, I have got this error:
“The uploaded file could not be moved to uploads/2019/06.” My media folder is 755 permission and I haven’t made any change to the default configuration…
What can I do in your opinion?

Are there any existing topics that have helped? Have you checked to see what user and group has permission to the uploads directory (should be web:www-data)?

Hey, I’ve been getting this recently and I have no idea why as it’s happening with completely clean builds. Anyway, for now I’ve added the following to the build-before.yml to fix it:

- name: Make uploads directory writeable
  remote_user: root
  command: "chown -R web:www-data {{ deploy_helper.shared_path }}/uploads/"

I’m absolutely sure it’s something I’m doing, but for now this works and should work for others.

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