Mega menu... Possible?

Hi Everyone.

Has anyone had experience constructing a ‘mega menu’ with Roots?

I’m trying to incorporate 2-3 WP menus (sub menus, I guess you would call them), plus 2-3 widgetised/custom areas.

So in essence, it would look something like this:

  • div.col-sm-3 (containing menu 1)
  • div.col-sm-3 (containing menu 2)
  • div.col-sm-3 (containing widget 1)
  • div.col-sm-3 (containing widget 2)

I’ve been playing with nav.php but without much joy, and I’m just wondering if a simpler solution might be to create a new div element which I can then display with jQuery. Within this div element, I would just have ‘run of the mill’ nav menus and widget areas.

If anyone has any experience, or could shed some light, then it would be much appreciated.


This may help: yamm3

Hmmm, thanks. I’ve already seen this. It was really a question about how to integrate into Roots.

I think I’m biting off more than I can chew for a feature I don’t need so maybe I’ll revisit later, unless any more suggestions come in.

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It’s just a matter of creating new menus and new widgets (most of which is copy-paste from the nav menu and sidebar widget already in Roots).

Once you have these set up properly, you just need to put them inside the mega menu container.

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Hey @doug thanks for bringing this up. I had a project (I think we all can guess what type of site usually needs this — news site) but luckily right now they are settling without it!

Pweh but I would like to revisit it as well. If I ended up have to integrate them for my client, I’ll share the solution here!

Hey @ajmalafif

That would be awesome. I will of course do the same!

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