Migrate BD Pro is failing to migrate anything but the database

I’m encountering an error when migrating anything but the database between environments.

The database pushes/pulls as expected, but when I try to push the media directory I get the following error:

A problem occurred when attempting to move the temp file "/tmp/phpF6Ms74" to 
"/srv/www/gdaily/releases/20181121230315/web/app/uploads/2018/11/wide-banner.png" (#107mf)

A coupe of things about this are puzzling me:

  1. why is the file in Development in a /tmp/php… directory, when I uploaded it to the media library?
  2. why is the destination (Staging) /releases/[date]/?

Shouldn’t both of them be /current/? Or at least be the same as each other?

Looking at the logs from Migrate DB I can see that Development’s WP_CONTENT_DIR ends in /current/web/app, whereas Staging’s is /releases/20181121230315/web/app

Any explanation (and solution) would be very welcomed.

Hi there,

Migrate DB Pro is software you paid for that comes with support, whereas Bedrock is open source and support is from volunteers :smiley:

  1. I don’t know
  2. current is just a symlink to a releases directory - is it the same as what’s symlinked?

Hi Ben,

Very good point. And I love what you guys are doing! I have also asked Delicious Brains why this is happening.

Could this be a permissions issue with moving files from tmp to WP_CONTANT_DIR?

I’ve used Migrate DB on many Roots based projects and not encountered this before - has anyone else experienced similar issues?

Hi @ben,

I’ve just taken a fresh look (after a day away from the project) and can see that this is nothing to do with the local VM, as both directories are on the staging site. When uploading via the media uploader on staging and I get the following wp alert:

The uploaded file could not be moved to uploads/2018/11.

Is there anywhere in group_vars where I control this? FYI, I’ve tried switching admin_user (in users) between admin and root, but that’s made no difference (obviously).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Are you getting this from the WP CLI version of Migrate DB Pro? I had this exact issue recently, and seems to have been sold by using the Dashboard UI, instead of WP CLI.

Both GUI & CLI.

I’ve switched to a new DO droplet (beauty of floating IPs) and can now migrate media, but still have the issue with themes. Delicious Brains are looking into it.