Migrated to Bedrock, what to do next?

Hello everyone,

First post here, my name is Edemir, i’m from Brazil.

Last week I deployed a project I work on using bedrock, it’s UFSM (https://www.ufsm.br) a university located in South of Brazil city called Santa Maria. It’s a big WordPress multisite installation with more than 450 subsites, it receives around 20k ~ 25k visits per day.

So my question is: Now that we have deployed using bedrock what should we do next ? I mean next by how do we keep up with the original project? Because we clone de bedrock repository from github and worked from that forked version, is updating via composer is enough? Any security concerns we should be aware ?

Thanks for everyone who worker on this amazing project.

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Bedrock itself doesn’t change that much and is really small so you could apply the changes manually or using some Git magic.

To keep your dependencies up to date, you can use Dependabot for GitHub. Every Git provider does have a similar tool. You can also manually composer update all your dependencies.

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