MIME type ('text/html') not a supported stylesheet MIME type


Okay now that makes sense :slight_smile:

Blocks a request if the requested type is “style” and the MIME type is not “text/css”

Disabling this in Trellis would certainly fix it, but I’d hope that it can be fixed in Sage itself. If a CSS file is being served, it should have the text/css MIME type.


Same issue experienced here…

I opened an issue over at the sage repo.


I’ve noticed that when you run Yarn build the dist folder will create styles folder and css files. But when you run Yarn start it will delete styles folder (but still keep scripts folder) inside dist. Can this be something? I’ve got the same issue right now, and not really aware of how to fix it. Tried the solution above, and it removed the Error with MIME bla bla. But got a new error that says mine .css files could not be found.


Are you experiencing a problem, or just the error message while running start?

start runs Browsersync which compiles styles and javascript in memory and injects them into the page while you work, so you can see your changes automatically. This can sometimes freak out your browser and throw some error messages, but as long as nothing is visually or functionally broken you should be fine ignoring those messages during development.


Its just an error, i am still seing styles and etc :slight_smile:


I sole this problem by clear the dist folder and then rebuild. In some comments says it’s does not impact anything. When id happened, the css file losted whitch page console this erro.