Minimal docker setup

First of all, thank you for the excellent project. With the advent of docker, with docker being lightweight, i personally have been moving all my projects to docker. The reason, vagrant is too resource heavy. I have come up with a minimal setup for docker to get the ball rolling in this direction.

comments and contributions welcome.



Looks very interesting! I’ve been wanting to do the same, move to Docker that is, so gonna give this a try!

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Thankyou for encouragement. Feedback welcome.

We’ve moved to Lando, which is a wrapper on docker and docker-compose. It’s really streamlined our docker adoption — with one line, recipe: wordpress, we get all the right containers.

Containers are started with lando start, stopped with lando stop, and rebuilt with lando rebuild. And Lando handles SSL smoothly too so all app container is https.

It might be cool to make your project a Lando recipe, too.

Could you chime in here?

Would be willing to make the transition but I’m still not sure about the provisioning/deployment experience with lando/docker.

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