Minimized css files not loading (grunt assistance)

Downloaded Roots 7, and got Grunt and Bower installed. Ran a Grunt Dev and Grunt Build, and generates the minimized css files, but they generate with an md5 hash. assets-manifest.json is updated with the proper file names, but scripts.php seems to look for main.min.css [without the md5 hash].

Is this normal? The minimized css file is not loading (I did change from development mode) and I am having a difficult time understanding how to properly configure Roots to load the generated minimized css files. [main.css does load, but I would like the minimized version to load]

Roots 7 isn’t ready to ship yet and one of the elements that’s still being worked on is the assets manifest functionality. So I would imagine the behaviour is normal.

It wouldn’t take much to fix it (well, get it working), but ideally we want to go back to using when we can.

Hey Foxaii, the grunt-wp-assets plugin does work well, but I’m under the assumption that updating the scripts.php file every time you save your CSS or JS is not very helpful. Well, perhaps in production, but in dev it’s a little much to be constantly committing the scripts.php file with only version - or checksum - updates.

Not sure if that’s something that could be placed in an environment variable, or extracted away somehow to a file that’s not committed in the repo. Generally if I’m using Roots and the default Gruntfile, I avoid committing the scripts.php file until I actually change something myself, like add a new JS file.

With 7.0.0 there’s an assets manifest JSON file that is gitignored, and that’s where the hashes are stored. Assets themselves (CSS, JS) along with the assets manifest are no longer staged for commit :smile:

Yay! Nothing compiled in the repo!