Missing CSS and JS on staging deploy

First time deploying via the new simplified Trellis. After breaking through a couple snags I got my staging server to deploy ( As you can see at the moment the main.css and main.js are missing. They aren’t missing from the <head>, they’re just missing from the build itself.

Strange thing is that local dev environment is working just fine. I’m assuming it’s an issue with Gulp and/or Trellis’s build process, but not certain. Any thoughts extremely appreciated.

Working Repo.

Edit: Maybe worth noting that I ran variantions of: gulp, gulp watch, and gulp --production, multiple times while re- provisioning and deploying. Which didn’t seem to solve anything.

Have you uncommented the tasks you need in build-before.yml deploy hooks?


Ah, found the documentation.

I was expecting to see that step in the Trellis docs. But Sage makes sense too.

Thanks Nick!