Missing language option from user profile


I am currently using bedrock for multiple sites and have only just noticed that the language dropdown option is missing from the user profiles. This is only happening on my bedrocksites, and is also happening on sites using only bedrock(no sage ect). and also on a site with a clean install of bedrock to test.

The main wordpress languge option is available, it’s only missing in the user profiles .

Here is a screenshot of the general setting - working as it should

here is a screenshot of the missing option from a non bedrock site ( the language dropdown does not appear on bedrock sites) its missing completely

The language list should only list languages whose files are installed.

You may find this guide interesting:


Thanks for your reply however I’m not sure that’s relevant. As you can see in my first screenshot the languages are installed and working correctly (it’s just that dropdown is not appearing on the user profile page) It’s only on that page that it’s missing

Have you flushed the cache of that site?

In core WordPress (6.1.1), the dropdown will be rendered when there are languages available:

And do you have a plugin like Preferred Languages active on that site that may modify the language selection?

Edit: I just noted that the get_available_languages function states that it retrieves all languages that are actually installed (its *.mo gettext files present).
The list in your first screenshot shows the languages as “Available”, but they are not installed.

For installing languages in a Bedrock site, you may still find the guide helpful.

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