Move from capistrano to

Hey guys,

I recently figured that it would be more efficient for us to use a team based dploy/beanstalk, instead of local capistranos. Particularly the HipChat notifications and JIRA/DigitalOcean integrations are just really nice for us.

I tried setting it up, forgetting that in the process WordPress is also installed and the plugins etc.

So my questions would be:
Is it possible for me to move entirely away from Capistrano, delivering the plugins directly within the theme (instead of through composer) and deploy a ready version of it? Or can I do a post-deploy command, that emulates what usually capistrano is doing?

Thanks a lot!

I could be wrong but only listens for changes on a certain branch, then moves them from the repo to the live server. It’s a paid service so you’ll get those intergrations everyone likes but it still doesn’t solve the problem of what to do with untracked files like plugins / uploads.

Since Capistrano is a set of tasks, we can specify files not tracked in SCM and move to the server. Capistrano should be an ideal solution for teams since each deploy is unique based on the commit.

If it’s the HipChat integration that’s holding you back, just Google “HipChat Capistrano 3”. It’s out there!

Does allow you to write a script to be run on each deployment? All you really need is a composer install from the root directory and that should take care of WP installation and any plugins that have been added via Composer.

Beanstalk integrates with Capistrano, so you don’t even need to migrate, necessarily.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to accomplish, so correct me if this isn’t a solution. Why don’t you just remove the plugins from .gitignore and push the entire repo? You might be able to accomplish what you need with submodules, but that would be tedious.

I think you might find you lost a lot of the benefit of bedrock without capistrano.